Property Management Service

What is Property Management?

Property management covers everything that happens to your rental property and your contract. from the day that your contract holder moves in. It’s easy to underestimate what a professional property manager can do for you as a landlord. Hiring a property manager has many advantages, including quickly finding good contract holders, not having to worry about the ever-changing laws governing the private rental sector, providing you with a top-notch water-tight occupational contract, negotiating the best rental price, and handling any ongoing rent increases throughout the contract. At Homelink Lettings we will ensure that your investment property is in great shape to keep the rent coming in and limit your stress levels.

What's included in our Full Management Service?

  • Property market valuation using the most up-to-date comparable evidence
  • Preparation of attractive and legally compliant property details, top-quality photography, and floorplan
  • Marketing on top portals and our social media platforms, as well as our website
  • Applicants pre-vetted and filtered and speedily contacted about your property
  • Viewings are arranged at convenient times, not limited to office hours
  • Offers collated and put forward to you then negotiated for the best possible outcome
  • Full references sought and right to rent checks (England)
  • Top quality tenancy agreement or occupation contract (Wales) prepared for you
  • All legal obligations discussed and organised on your behalf
  • Tenancy/contract completion documents with check-in report
  • Quick response to tenant or landlord enquiries with extended opening hours and emergency contact
  • Handling all day-to-day property management tasks
  • Handling of any necessary repairs or replacement items
  • Ability to oversee any requested renovations, redecorations or refurbishment works
  • Handling of quotations for works as required
  • Use of our professional contractors who are qualified, insured, checked, and offer value for money
  • Collection of rent and speedy internet payment to your account
  • Monthly statement and annual tax statement
  • Chasing or any rent arrears in line with best practice
  • Settlement of any bills or property charges


Always on hand to handle issues

At Homelink Lettings we really do know the local housing market from Newport to Chepstow, and we understand what tenants want from their rental home. We are also available much longer hours than most agencies and will always do our best to respond to your contract holder as quickly as possible. It is hugely important for us to have happy property occupiers as well as happy private landlords, so we we will be your eyes and ears ” on the ground” and will report back on a regular basis to you.

Regular property visits

Your property manager will conduct regular property visits to ensure that the occupation contract is being followed correctly and that the contract holders are properly maintaining the property. These interim property visits enable the efficient and face-to-face resolution of any issues that may arise. A qualified property manager will know exactly what to look for, what issues are down to the contract-holder or should be reported to you under your private landlord obligation. When a problem arises, such as a faulty heating system or a burst pipe, you must act quickly, and a property manager will usually have someone on call or a temporary solution available.

Yields and Capital Growth

A private landlord is usually concerned with retaining or increasing their capital growth as well as their rental yield. Of course, how well you source your occupiers, how well they take care of your property, how quickly and efficiently issues are handled, and knowing when to update or refurbish are all important factors to be addressed. As local experts, we have visited hundreds of other local rental properties, so we can quickly and easily determine when it is necessary to repair, replace, refurbish or redecorate your property in oder to maintain its rental value.

Professional contractors

It is hugely important to choose your contractors wisely, to ensure that they are affordable, well-priced (not saying cheap!) and fully qualified to work on their specialised area. At Homelink Lettings we work hard to source the best contractors for all fields of maintenance, regularly update their professional insurances, gather recommendations and check the quality of their work and this is a huge factor to consider when addressing your property management. Finding great contractors is NOT easy, so let us do that work for you and save you the time and the hassle.

Collecting and paying your rent

Finally, but most importantly, we will collect your rent and pay it into your dedicated bank account in a timely manner. If, for any reason, the rent does not come in, we have systems and processes in place to chase and monitor the situation for you. No more sleepless nights, let us take care of your rental investment, get the money into your bank and keep your property well-maintained.

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